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    Carver HR 895 Receiver

    Hi. Picked up the Carver HR 895 a couple days ago. Works great. But there does seem to be static in the left channel that is very low, and not affected by the volume. And yes, I have cleaned the pots with electrical contact cleaner. I may try a second cleaning because it is very hard to clean the switches on this unit. Had to try to clean them through the faceplate. Have to get the faceplate off and the geniuses that designed the unit have the faceplate screwed to the frame of the unit from the inside, on the bottom. I have to get a long phillips head screw driver to do the job right, and still one screw is hidden, and will be a pain.
    I still have the feeling that the dirty switch issue is not the problem.
    Anybody have any experience with this unit? The static issues seems to be common on this unit in the exact same channel. And you can run the amp for hours without any static at all.
    I would just send it on it's way on CL, but I really like how it sounds. And it has loads of headroom. Impressive.

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    I have a Carver MXR 150 ... and it won't send any power out to the speakers .. A or B ... what do you think the problem is ... thanks?

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    I had Carver stuff for years and it has a reputation for being quirky. I very much enjoyed by C-1 Preamp and the two M40t Power Amps unitl my taste in equipment became a bit more refined. Wish I could help!

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