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    car/boat audio help?

    i have a older type cassette deck with one set of pre-outs connected to a 2 channel amp.

    Now, i want to add another set of speakers and use a 4 channel amp. Can i use a 'stacking' pair of RCA cables from the head unit and run it to the 4 channel amp? I know they will receive the same audio signal, but i don't care.

    this system is on my boat and since the amp powers the speakers it seems i just need to get the audio signal to all four channels of the amp. I found the stackable RCA cables on

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    Check the ampp directions - it may accept only the two RCA inputs and internally split out to four channels.

    But if it needs four inputs - yes the stacking would work. Put the 'stack' near the amp - to keep the other two input leads as short a s possible / less chance to pick up noise.

    Add a passive equalizer to the system (with two in/four out)...

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    Sure, as long as the impedances don't go awry -- which is something the preamp usually takes care of.
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