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    Can you put a price on this system? How much would you pay?

    I was wondering what you guys think this NAD system is worth in todays market for used audio gear... Here we go....

    NAD C 350 Amplifier
    NAD C 541 CD player
    NAD C 420 Tuner
    PSB Alpha speakers (pair)

    What do you think that system is worth/?> Local seller, might purchase but not sure myself what this is worth in value. All components where bought by seller and are original, no service on units has ever been done, units not abused and presumed to be working 100% correctly. (I wouldnt know how to test if they where not working correctly anyway.) What is this setup worth?

    C350 Review
    C541 CD Player
    C420 Tuner
    Update: PSB Alpha A/V serial: 0411G_933079 Speakers Pair
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    i would say that $400 isnt out of line and that $500 would be about the most you could reasonably expect for the entire package.
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    I can take a stab at this. I sold my NAD C541 CD player last year for about $110.00. A new NAD C355BEE Integrated Amp lists for $799.00. I believe this repalced the C350 integrated amp. So for a used one, let's put a price tag of $400.00, just a wild guess. The NAD C425 tuner lists for $299.00 brand new today. The C420 must be its predecessor. Let's say $100.00 for that. The PSB Alpha B1 bookshelfs list for $279.00/pr new today. So for a used pair, let's say $150.00/pr again just my guess. So adding this up we have $760.00, again just a wild guess. Much depends on the condition of each unit, scratches, performance, use, functionality, whether they were used in a smoke free pet free environment, etc. Hope that helps.

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    Tanks dingus and PDN for the info. I think they were asking about 500 for everything. I am saving up my money.

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    Quote Originally Posted by stevef22
    Tanks dingus and PDN for the info. I think they were asking about 500 for everything. I am saving up my money.
    500 sounds like an ok price for that setup...

    PDN's guess sound good apart from the amp price... $400 would be way too much for the C350.... the current model is the C355BEE $800... but the prior model was actually the C352 $600 and the C350 was the one before that... so I wouldn't expect it to fetch much more than $200...

    So PDN's estimate could be adjusted to about $560...

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    I think your getting a very good deal at $500. Those PSB speakers dont appear to be the Alpha B's, it looks like its an earlier version and the CDP plays HDCD's but it does not appear to mention up sampling to 192kHz. But for $500 I dont think you could do as well with new equipment.
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