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    Can I............

    Hi there,

    I have 2 tower speakers...given to me some years ago by a friend...ADS L880....i only have 400 sq ft of living space so they are more than adequate...thing receiver just blew after about 6 years of use....(rectifier) anyway....I'm looking at a new reciever/amp/tuner/ question is ....if I look at a yamaha ..... it is max 400W , 110W per channel x 5. Would this be sufficient to power the 2 towers (200 W max.... 8 ohms)...?


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    Do you want surround? If not, why not get a 2 channel receiver? I'm not familiar with ADS but the Yamaha should drive them. Probably not as well as a receiver with a hardier amp section. Better bet would be Onkyo who has a higher current output. If your budget permits something from NAD or Rotel may have more pleasing sound quality. If you pick a Yamaha with preamp outputs you can always add a power amp down the road if the receiver isn't adequate though.

    Welcome to the forums, BTW

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    I have a pair of ADS L710's with the famous cat proof metal grills from the late 1970's. These are 4 ohm sealed speakers and not very efficient. In their day they were highly praised. They work well with a vintage Marantz 1150 integrated amp that I picked up at a garage sale. I believe the Marantz makes around 75 wpc. The power ratings of AV surround receivers are often suspect and they are more appropriate for home theater than dedicated two channel music listening.

    Not knowing your budget the Onkyo two channel receiver below is well reviewed and should have plenty of power for the ADS speakers. Separate components ( i.e. integrated amp + tuner or preamp + power amp + tuner ) can offer better sound than a receiver but cost a lot more. If your ADS L880 are more efficient than my 710's you might also consider the Dayton DTA-100 ( T amp ) from Parts Express. Excellent sound and decent power for $99!

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