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    Building a New House, What Would You Do?


    We are building a new house as we speak. Framing is nearly complete, soon the roof will be on. In a similar situation, what would you do as far as prep for entertainment systems? I will pull the wires myself and order any stuff I need from Parts Express. No way we will afford to pay a consultant or tech to do the work for us. What could I potentially be forgetting to do, the one thing that will make me say "oh crap!" once the sheetrock is done?

    Some of these are obvious, standard these days with an electrical job...

    Multiple runs of coax to the roof for satellite(s), from each room that may want a hookup.
    Wiring terminals behind entertainment center for all connections.
    Prep wireways in alcoves for speakers.
    Prewire ceiling for rear channels.
    Prewire walls for side channels.
    Coax-to-RCA connections for long low-level signal runs.
    Zone Two wiring to screened porch.
    Prewire basement ceiling for future projector.

    Should I run CAT-5 for a future home network of some kind? I currently use wireless.
    Prewire living room ceiling for projector? Are projectors the future?
    Could I simply run some conduit through critical areas for future pulling of whatever wires I might want? Has anyone done this?

    Thanks in advance.


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    I'd might consider some extra soundproofing within the walls....maybe to help control some resonances within the sheetrock that may occur at high volume and keep outside sounds out. The conduit thing seems like a good idea, just keep a couple of dummy wires inside so you have somthing to pull the future wire through with.
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