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  • 12-26-2005, 05:51 PM
    I used a prinz portable radio to record some
    audio ie an interview
    I connected the prinz to a music centre using
    one of the auzilaries at the back of the music centre

    the socket in the prinz radio was marked left speaker

    I managed to record an interview

    then i wanted to put that audio into my comp and turn it
    into an mp3 file

    I was using audacity software

    the tape played well but the signal did nt get into audacity

    when I put in a commercial music cassette then the signal
    came up......... a wavy blue line.... and I got a good recording and mp3 file

    I m using a mono jack plug out of the music centre

    and a mono jack plug into the mike socket of the comp

    I would asume the music centre is putting out a mono signal

    but I can t understand why my comp and audacity are not

    picking it up

    if I play the radio say vhf and run that into the comp

    then I can easily make a recording

    what have I got to do to get my cassette recording into the
    computor ?

    any ideas ?

    I listened to it through headphones and the sound was in there
    if only in one ear

    I ve tried putting the audio into the comp using the auxilary sockets

    I ve tried everything

    its obviously a mono signal but why can t my audacity software pick it up ?

    I ve also tried recording using my arcsoft video impression software

    but nothing gets in from the tape

    I turn off the tape and play a bit of vhf radio and bingo
    both audacity and video impression pick it up and make an audio file

    I m baffled any ideas ??
  • 12-26-2005, 08:35 PM
    Mike Anderson
    i don t know what a music centre

    or a prinz portable radio is

    but if this is some new kind of poetry

    it s really really bad