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    Years ago when I was in college, I worked for the old Pacific Stereo chain. They had a weekend promotional that advertised their house branded Quadraflex speakers for $10 a pair. It was the "bait" item to lure customers into the store in hopes they would buy other items. It was sure to generate a lot of traffic.

    When I arrived at the store prior to the sale, my managers were taking each one of the $10 speakers out of the box, hooking up speaker wire, and plugging them directly into the AC outlet on the wall at which point they would promptly burn out. They would then put the speakers back into the box and designate them as DOA and place them back on the truck!

    When I asked what they were doing, they told me the $10 speakers were going to cause more trouble then they were worth. Rather than deal with a flurry of angry customers trying to return sub-quality speakers and disappointed expectations, they felt it was better to just tell them the shipment was bad and they didn't have any in inventory!
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    Another Pacific Stereo story. We had several sound rooms and numerous systems setup around the store. Since the store was hands-on, it wasn't uncommon for customers to fiddle with adjustments on demo gear.

    I was dusting in one of the sound rooms one day and noticed a turntable was still turning with the tonearm in the center groove. It wasn't connected to an active power amp so it was completely silent and had been spinning for an undetermined amount of time in the center groove.

    I turned off the spinning platter, lifted the tonearm, and tried to lift the LP off the platter. To my surprise, the label stayed on the platter while the remainder of the LP was lifted off. The needle had worn through the vinyl completely! Apparently someone had mis-adjusted the tracking force and the excessive needle down force machined its way through the spinning record.
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    go check out some of the threads in the HDTV forum.....you should be able to figure out the inside joke :)


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    I want to know what I missed!! ROFL at the vizio thing:D

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    I had to learn about impedeance and bridging the hard way. :(

    Smoke Check Fail.

    I are way mo' edUmuhcated now! ;)
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    It's been a popular story that some well built Class A amps, like the old Pass Aleph amps, will take a straight short across the speaker terminals and won't fry. Anybody ever tried? If so, what happened?

    I had a single strand of wire make the connection on a receiver once, but the safety circuit shut everything down - no sparks or smoke.