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    Atlantic City Pogues review....

    I cut 'n pasted this from a Pogues site to save me a bit of typin but I'm sure they'll be lots of ^%$#&^%&****** cuz the forum where I typed it the first time round don't have limitations as far as language ( it IS a Pogues site after all

    For those who just want the bottom line it was "Brilliant, First Rate and a Night to Remember"!

    Now for those that should be working now but the boss is out flirting with the cleaning lady here's my long take...

    First things first I've read a bit on the venue (carpet, seating, wrong color curtains, bla bla bla) but any place that can have Jim Nabors, The Outlaws and the DeadBoys all in the same must just assume that it won't be the ideal "Pogues Saloon" that we'd all like to see. So I say, any venue that's willin to pay the boys to come anywhere near Virginia....God Bless and you pick the carpet color! Although the running outta Guniess is totally unforgiveable and the lad that had that responsibility should be the next guy you get a clean towel in the little boys room from the next Jim Nabors show you attend.

    Second thought is the Saw Doctors....I've seen these guys three times now and it felt like watching ole friends on stage. True Journymen with something to say...and the natural ablity to convey a feeling...a stunning opener and it's my hopes that those that are unfamiliar with their work will go to their home page and buy a few CD's as they are band worth supporting!

    And thirdly....ahhh yes...The Pogues. I view the show as if I was part of a lil peice of history...not to sound over dramatic but here's my thought process. The Pogues blazed trails never ventured (and never matched I'd say) with a deadly combination of Shanes vocal poetry and a band that has a gaelic groove like none other. Pure magic! When I last saw the Pogues in '96 (maybe '97) in Providence, Rhode Island, Spider was leading the boys on vocals and it was ****in brilliant!! The band in that time frame put out some incredable work but of course the industry, the times, politics, and all those other things that mean absolutely zero when it come to music, got in the way...blurred the screen so to speak. I then caught Shane and the Popes in '01sih at the 9:30 Club. I had never seen the man and to be a true fan it was a must (for me). Shane was in rare form and was shuffling in slippers on stage but as hard as it was to believe he missed very lil of the vocals but it was in his dark/sarcastic voicing. The Popes rocked and gave 1000% but the two thoughts I had as the show closed was "I'm sooo glad I got to see Shane live and I hope ta hell he doesn't die tonight!" A mixed bag of happniess and worry. Now I'm more to blame than anyone...I mean go to a high wire act and see the guy fall ya can't say "oh I'm shocked" ....Hell if ya didn't wanna see 'em fall you wouldn't have payed to see the show!! But somehow you don't realise how flakin' high that wire is till there usin' snow shovels ta scape the lad up. Ok fast forward to the AC show.....the lights dim and the white man yells bloody murder and the band starts to bangin the drum like a funckin hugh withering machine with notes and chords a flyin. Holy **** lad...SHANES WEARING SHOES!!! FUKCIN' SHOES I TELLS YA!! both on the right feet as far as I kin tell!! Someone mentioned in another post about a mis-cue on the first number but I must'a been thinkin about shinin' those beautiful ****in shoes cuz I missed all that...and when Shane starts ta singin....well...from that point it still all kinda a blur...frapin heaven. To see them all, Spider doin a number and lookin so great after 10 years, the music from the band was (I pause to find the right word) ****in' brilliant...just brilliant. Unreal. Don't really care about the crowd, carpet color, tempture, slot machines, pussy, weather, toll prices, ****in no count U2, drink prices, bills, work, nuttin' cuz....I GOT TO SEE THE ****ING POGUES!! AND ****ING SHANE HAD ****ING SHOES ON...and he was alive singing like no other SOB I'd ever seen....a peice of history I'll tells collar history!!

    Well I'll wrap it all up by thanking a great new friend that I met at the show, Steve from Houston TX. We had a belly fulla beer and warm hearts as we left the show and I pray to God we can do it again next year!! Also my apologies to all those I threatened with bodliy harm at the show who I would not let cut in front of me at the show. I had one cute lil lady try to get by (to the front) and I told her "go the **** around and by gezzz if you do, don't end up in front of me". A bit later she asked in a cute lil voice "I dont understand way you don't let me by"? (fluter the eye lashes) and I told her after waiting this long, to be in this spot, for this moment shes got nothing worth the trading (I proceeded to belch a full charge of Gunniess to counter her lashes). She found an alternate route.

    My heart felt thanks to all those that made it possiable for the Pogues to be here and to the band memebers..."Thanks mates! and any time ya need yer shoes shined head on back this way!!"

    Peace-out, Tom (AKA thepogue)
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    Thanks Tom,

    Well it sounds like the usual layed back and well behaved gathering. I am pleased you had a great gig and I second the sentiments about "The Sawdoctors"-check'em out or miss out.
    All that and shiny shoes. Words fail me.


    "Let The Earth Bear Witness."

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    Glad you got your wish...

    Nice to see a happy, satisfied, drunken fan of particular band get his ya ya's off. Very good review. I'm glsd you were able to make the show, enjoy the show and SURVIVE the show...


    Da Worfster

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