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    Anyone here live in Denver?


    Well I gotta pair of 24" speaker stands you can have for............ FREE!!! I got about 40 LPS, I'm trashing... I would love to get someone to use them. Since this is only good for the next couple of days, let me know soon. PM me.

    I thought we had a member from Aurora named....... emandiel or something... If you can use it, here is your chance. It would help me out alot too.

    Speaker stand, black and made by VTI(Ithink, but it doesnt say) I bought it from an authorized Paradigm dealer about 5 years ago.

    LPs. mostly classical music, and some Classic Rock. If you want them I'm asking you to take all.

    Just trying to spread my germs.


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    Damn, the LPs sound interesting, too. Unfortunantly, last time I lived in Denver it was back in '81 (at Lowry AFB to be exact). Definately too far to drive from Florida...rats!
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    Quote Originally Posted by jrhymeammo
    LPs. mostly classical music, and some Classic Rock. If you want them I'm asking you to take all.

    Just trying to spread my germs.

    what the?
    JRA giving away vinyl? what's happening?

    did I miss something?

    anyways, since I don't live near you (as I said before)
    I can't pick anything up, so,

    all I can do now is wish you alot of luck with the 'relocation', and may there be alot of luck, and pics to follow...

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    I just spotted your thread, but have no need for the stands, and am not interested in the LP's. I'm a huge fan of classical music, but after hearing it with a totally silent background on a CD all the way back to '83, I was hooked.

    When I moved to the Denver area (Littleton) in '93 from Long Island, I stupidly threw out at least 100 LP's. I hadn't listened to any of them in years, but afterwards found that they were worth a good deal of money, so hang onto yours, and maybe you'll reap the rewards later.

    And, yes, I now do live in Aurora, but will soon be moving to South Carolina.

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