Hello Everyone,

Had a chance to listen to the Nuforce amps so many people posted about but was surprised to find this AV dealer also had an APL Hi-Fi modded Denon 3910 available for audition. These were connected to a Bruce Moore tube preamp and Epos tower speakers. That Bruce Moore preamp has a unique feature of four different inputs to alter it's characteristics to match the speakers better to your liking. Using Elton John's Good Bye Yellow Brick Road and the Eagles Hotel California, both DVD-A discs, I listened for over an hour to determine what all the fuss was about with the Nuforce and APL Hi-Fi units. This combo provided a sense of great depth and imaging to the music. Definitely more than what I have heard at my local Magnolia Hi-Fi and several boutique dealers in my area. I was pleasantly surprised by the Nuforce amps having a warm, analog-like sound to them. Unlike other solid state amps that I have owned, the Nuforce ran cool to the touch throughout the demo. It handled dynamics with ease, was very detailed and warm while controlling the bass. With the Bruce Moore tube preamp and the Nuforce combination, you obtain the best of both worlds for soundstaging, warmth, dynamics and detail to highlight the strengths of the APL Hi-Fi unit. The Epos tower speakers connected to this system was able to convey the synergies of these units. The only weakness I could hear from the Epos is that it is not able to recreate string instruments very well. I kind of expected this since it uses conventional drivers and I have owned electrostats and planars before. Plus the price point for the Epos was $2000. I think they can give a pair of 8 series B&W speakers a run for its money.

Anyone else have a chance to hear any of these components? Just curious what others have to say. If you have chance, you may want to audition these components. I don't think there is another APL Hi-Fi dealer in the San Francisco Bay Area. Here is the dealer's web site if you are interested to listening as well: www.theavroom.com. I think I may be catching upgraditis. Anyone have medication I can take to stop the disease? Take care and happying listening!