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Thread: AM antenna ?

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    Question AM antenna ?

    I am having a hard time with the am antenna provided with my Denon 2803. The loop antenna provided doesn't give very good reception( lots of static). It has spring clips in the back of the unit to connect to. Any suggestions?

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    Noo Joisey. Youse got a problem wit dat?

    The AM radios they put in these things is a joke.

    ...and before you get your panties ina bunch, I have a 2802.

    The loop is barely adequate and to get any "real" performance form an AM radio you needto to run as long a long wire outside your house as you can. It's a bit different in that that FM requires a fixed length.

    RadioShack used to sell a short wave AM antenna for about $15 that's perfect for anyone with room outside and a desire to do AM right.

    Actually, for AM I use a 60 year old Sears Silvertone table radio with a 6 X 9" (original) speaker.

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    I make a motion...

    ...we go back to cat's whiskers and crystal sets...

    jimHJJ(...and a lo-o-o-o-o-ong antenna...)
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    Thanks, Mark,
    You are always helpful. My old Fisher454 Quadraphonic had a better radio in it. I thought maybe it was something I was doing wrong. I also use a counter top Panasonic radio that belonged to my grandparents( they have been dead for 10 years). It works great in about any room in the house and it is very portable! The Denon does work pretty well with the FM antenna.

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