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    Advice on mid-range receiver choice, please

    I'm looking for a mid-range receiver to match to a set of Klipsch speakers (bookshelfs, center, surrounds - RB3II, RC3II, RS3II).

    I've narrowed it down to:
    Yamaha RXV-750
    Yamaha RXV-1400
    Denon AVR-2803
    Harman Kardon AVR430

    I'd like to keep it below $600 if possible, else I would probably go with the Denon AVR-2805. All of the above can be had online for under $600US.

    The Klipsch's can be a bit bright, so I was looking for a receiver that can balance them with a bit of warmth. All seem capable of handling an HDTV in the future, which would be my next purchase (currently have a Sony XBR -CRT TV).

    I'd appreciate any advice on which receiver you'd pick and why. Also, are there other brands/models that I should consider in the sub-$600US range?


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    Keep in mind that with all of those models, you lose the warranty if you buy online since they are not authorized for mail order sales. The Denon AVR-2803 is the likeliest one that you can get for under $600 right now because it's been discontinued. The RX-V750 lists for $650, so you should be able to negotiate the price under $600. Even the RX-V1400 you might be able to push under $700 because it's been out since September, and a successor model will probably arrive sometime in the fall.

    If your Klipsches sound too bright for your ears, you should do something with the room acoustics, like get a thicker rug, or hang draperies on the walls, or install acoustic panels along the front and sidewalls. Those will make a much bigger difference than the receivers themselves can (unless you're talking about the acoustic room calibration functions that are built into the Yamahas and the 2805, in which case it can help provided that brightness is the biggest tonal issue detected by the auto calibration).

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    May be consider Pioneer VSX-2012 instead. It is 1/2 off at Goodguys for $500. My old Denon 3300 died over the July 4th weekend. I was thinking to get the Denon 2803 too but came across the VSX-2012 when I was looking at the Denon. I got the Pioneer becasue it was their high end model before they discontinued it. My guess is Pioneer does not want their "high end" models to compete with the Elite series. I only use the pre/pro section of the receiver with an outbound amp. As far as I can tell, at the the pre/pro section of the VSX-2012 has a clean and more detail sound than the Denon 3300. Although I don't use the amp section of the VSX-2012, since it is THX certified, it probably has decent ouput curve.
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    Thanks, Sy. I'll check out the Pioneer.

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