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  • 11-14-2005, 08:04 AM
    I gotta chance to take my kid to see Zathura this weekend. I'd give it a C+ at best. Same story as Jumanji but not even close to being as good. Although the action started right away, I was just pretty much annoyed the entire movie.

    Although it was rated PG for action and SOME language, I didn't understand the reasoning for using so many 4 lettered words. This movie is geared toward children, right? I assumed the language would be a one liner. In one of the opening scenes, two brothers were arguing over playing football with their dad and the 10 year old brother called his 6 year old brother a d!ck. I glanced over at my wife and gave her look. Well I gave her that look on many occassions during this movie.

    My kid is only 6 and has no business hearing or saying bad language. I know i can only shield him for so long, but what my wife and I didn't understand was why different wording couldn't have been used. I will be alot more careful as to what I take him to see at the theater.

    I was not too impressed with the sound either. There were alot of explosions and action scenes, but nothing that really grabbed me. I did find $10 in the parking lot, so at least I got some of my money back.