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    What happen to the reviews

    Maybe its just me, but what happen to the recent release reviews we all used to share in doing? I will kick this off with some of the new ones I have picked up

    CARS 2: I took my daughter and two younger nephews to see this in the theater and was impressed enough to want to own it for my home pleasure. As with any animation the Blu Ray was color rich and will push your projection system/ viewing system to its limits. The sound is at its best during the racing parts. Sir TT and his buddies did a great job capturing the sounds of the engines of each type of car, which is impressive and not just using a generic sound for all of them.

    Harry Potter Deadly Hollows part 2: Even if your not a fan of the series, I can say it is one of the best ending to a long running series of films that I have seen. No loose ends, no maybe just one more. The film is very dark in mood and most of the filming is dark and will show any short comings in your system. The sound is a good mix with no overbaring use of surround or LFE.

    Pirates 4: Another long running franchise that has been able to keeps it leggs on each release. I think Capt Jack can retire as that role has marked Johnny Depp for ever. I even saw it in The Tourist. But the last scene with Penelope was classic, just when you think Jack has a heart, he is still good old Jack. The Blu ray is top notch and colors blend well from bright sunlight to dark shadows in caves. There is just something about movies with ship in the open sea, the sound effect just makes you start rocking back and forth
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    I have Cars 2 lined up but have been lacking in my reviews.

    Bridesmaids - Not bad and mildly funny but also stupid I got some good laughs out of it.

    Bad Teacher (unrated) - This one was really funny and Diaz plays a great part in her role. It's great how the goody two shoe tries to railroad her the whole time only to have it all backfire.

    Kung Fu Panda 2 - Very lame and just riding the tails of the first movie. I watched it all the way through but lost interest about halfway.

    Super 8 - Great movie and great sound. I think little Dakota Fanning steals the show in this movie. The Train Wreck scene is now one of my HT test scenes for showing people what a decent little setup should sound like.

    Jacobs Ladder - Oldie but goodie about the Psych drugs given to the US military during Viet Nam. Loosely based on real facts and can be backed up by several vets I know. (remenber the scene in Apocalypse Now where they are tripping to fireworks and Jimi Hendrix? Yeah, everyone there was tripping from what the food was laced with and didn't know it)

    I watched a few others recently but they are slipping my feeble mind. I'll repost them when I look at home.

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