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    Upcoming Comic Book Movies

    Deano's comments in the summer movie thread got me thinking about comic book adaptations.. so i looked it up knowing there are a bunch of fans here from the good 'ol comic book world as well, so... here's what we have to look forward to as the current slate of in production movies scheduled for '06:

    Ghost Rider (Nicholas Cage)
    Iron Fist (Ray Park aka Darth Maul)
    Iron Man (casting)
    Man-Thing (direct to cable)
    Spiderman 3
    XMen 3
    The Transformers (LIVE action!)
    WonderWoman (casting)
    Shazam! (casting)
    Superman Returns (brandon routh as superman, kate bosworth as lois lane, kevin spacey as lex luthor)
    The Watchmen (the better not eff this one up, one of my all-time favorite graphic novels)

    but no silver surfer yet, am sure it won't be long though....

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    Cage as Ghost Rider? Hopefully he is wearing the skull for 95% of the movie, and his voice is changed
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