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    TV series updates

    Breaking Bad - finale last week (or was it 2 weeks ago?) a real barn burner.

    Bored to Death - two episodes so far. Still funny. Excellent chemistry among Danson, Schwartzman and Galifinakisakaisnaniisoineonoin.

    Boardwalk Empire - 3 episodes so far. Again, this season started a little slow like the first, but got down right good in epi 3. Michael Shannon's character is up to something weird in the name of righteousness.

    The Walking Dead - 1.5 hr season premiere kept me on the edge of my couch. Yes, I have to overlook the strained/exaggerated southern drawls of the 2 lead males, but it's merely a minor annoyance.

    Casually following the new seasons of Parks & Recreation and The Office. Parks & Rec has come a long way and is cleverly funny at times. I prefer the extreme antics of Tom and Ron. The Office seems the same even without Michael Scott. Need more California.

    Fringe - liked it better with Peter. His "absence" effects Walter's stability to the point that it's hard to believe he's in the position he's in. Looks like they're bringing Peter back in some form or another.

    South Park - not sure how many episodes in the new season so far, but the border patrol epi was pretty good and of course timely with all the states passing immigration laws. But alas I doubt Alabama Repubs watched it.

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    South Park is a legend!!

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    True, South Park is a legend along side The Simpsons.

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