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    Top 5 Keanu Reeves movies.


    I'm just kidding.

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    You know...

    Of course you know this means war!!!!!

    No actually, he was good in Speed, and the first Matrix. Bill and Ted was "funny". He's not the sharpest tool in the shed but he's also not the WORST actor out there.

    As for these top 5's. As one of my Drill Sergeants once said.

    "God Dammit!!!! This chit's bout gotten outta hand!"


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    I liked Keanu in Parenthood (Ron Howard, dir.). As Tom Higgins, the boyfriend of single-mom Helen Buckman's (Diane Wiest) daughter (Martha Plimpton), Keanu's role and performance is empathetic and naturally good-natured. At first glance, Higgins is a Slacker: slightly air-headed, sexually overcharged, and reckless. As the story develops, we see that Higgins is, despite his puerile antics, a really nice guy. This is especially noted in his relationship with the awkward introvert, Gary (Joaquin Phoenix).

    I have seen KR in a few movies, including Speed, a movie I quite enjoyed, but thought Keanu over played and The Matrix, which was less about KR than it was about special effects and a very loud soundtrack. Point Break was another good movie for KR, showing his physical and mental edginess, as a cop who goes undercover to track down a surfer gang (Patrick Swayze, Gary Busey) called the Ex-Presidents.

    Getting back to Parenthood, Keanu really shines through in this movie. With Ron Howard at the helm, it seems a foregone conclusion that the movie and anyone in it would do well. Still KR is not at all lazy, and like an artist who takes his work seriously, he hones his craft to an edge that is a wonderful and beautiful thing to see.

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