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    Cool Top 10 favorite underated films

    What's your 10 favorite underated films? ( THEY DON'T HAVE TO BE IN ORDER)

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    in no order

    1) waydowntown
    2) Emporte Moi (Set me Free)
    3) The War Zone
    4) Grand Canyon
    5) The Producers
    6) Felicia's Journey
    7) Citizen X
    8) Strange Days
    9) Priest
    10) Scarecrows (1985) one of the best horror films in the Halloween class that is well photographed and horribly acted --- one of the oh so few good ones.

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    In no particular order

    1) Silent Running - Bruce Dern
    2) The Incident - Martin Sheen
    3) Go
    4) The Year of the Gun - Benecio Del Torro
    5) Prisoner of Shark Island
    6) Rabbit Proof Fence - Sam Neil
    7) The Killing - Stanley Kubrick
    8) Bullet in the Head - John Woo
    9) Man Bites Dog
    10)Suddenly - Frank Sinatra

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    Red face Hmm....

    Okay, I'll bite...

    1. "Once were Warriors" - Awesome film from New Zealand about moder Maori life.

    2. "Dark Blue World" - Interesting film about Czech ex-Pats flying for the Brits in WWII.

    3. "When We Were Kings" - Great documentary on Da Rumble in Da Jungle.

    4. "Sammy and Rosie Get Laid" - British story of love, redemption and loss.

    5. "Sign of the Times" - Prince Concert Movie that's just phenomenal, what an amazing man/musician.

    7. "The Mother" - Modern British family life exposed and not too nicely.

    8. "Secrets and Lies" - See above but made about 10 years earlier.

    9. "Waking Ned Devine" - "But I used the Fruity soap!"

    10. "Ride With the Devil" - Overlooked Ang Lee classic of the Civil War.

    Da Worfster

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    I would agree with you on Secrets and Lies but it was nominated for 5 or so Academy awards so it hardly makes it underrated. I would have Schindler's List on the list because it won 7 Academy Awards but I felt it should have won 11

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    Eyewitness ( 1981 William Hurt,sigourney Weaver) -a Whodunit Thriller-
    Blue Steel ( 1990 Jamie Lee Curtis,ron Silver)- Cop Thriller-
    Death And The Madien ( 1994 Sigourney Weaver,ben Kingsley)- Thriller-
    Force 10 From Navarone ( 1978 Robert Shaw,harrison Ford- Most People Compare The 1st Film Try Not To It Has Really Nothing To Do With That One It's Pretty Good On It's Own) - A War Film-
    Dreamscape ( 1984 Dennis Quaid,max Von Sydow,kate Capshaw) - Sci-fi-
    Victory ( 1981 Stallone,michael Caine,max Von Sydow)- A Sports-war Film-
    The Last Starfighter ( 1984 Lance Guest,robert Preston) -sci-fi Adventure-
    The Sword & The Sorcerer ( 1982 Lee Horsley)- Medieval Sword Play-
    John Capenter's They Live ( 1988 Roddy Piper,keith David)-sci-fi
    The Glass Shield ( 1994 Michael Boatman,lori Petty)- Cop Thriller-

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    The Zero Effect
    The Vanishing (Dutch version)
    Jackie Brown
    The Talented Mr. Ripley

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