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    Spartacus Blood and Sand or Blood and Sex?

    I loved HBO's late, great series "Rome" it was informative, funny, epic and filmed in Italy. I for one was sad to see it's passing. A couple of years ago the Starz premium cable network put forth their own sand and sandles series "Spartacus: Blood and Sand". Those not familiar with the storay, Spartacus was a warrior from the land of Thrace who somehow wound up a slave in ancient rome. While training or fighting as a Gladiator he led a slave rebellion that threatened Rome to the point that 3 Legions were required to put it down once and for all. Thousands of captured slaves were crucified afterwards.

    Well, other than the name of the title character, his country of origin, and the fact that there's some Gladiators involved, the original program from Starz bears little resemblence to the historical saga. Spartacus the series is all Blood Gore and massive amounts of sex. The blood and teeth and instestines are 90 percent CGI as are all the props, sets and everything else. The violience is straight out of "300" and is even more stylized. What not is the sex, sex and more sex, man-woman, man-man, orgies, exhibitions, girl-girl, you name it, it's here!

    It's like the old series "The Wild Wild West" in that the sex and violence seem to be on a timer. You can time your 3 minute egg by the show. Still, I find it engrossing. The actors, all english (as usual in Roman period pieces) are good if not great. The stories are engaging and.... the bodies are beautiful!!!!!! The men are buff, the babes are beautiful and there's full monty for everyone!!!!

    I'd recommend it. Not for kids though.


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    I would call it the best series to come out since "Rome” Leaving all the gore & sex aside, the plot is character driven, and some of the performances are incredible. Love, betrayal, greed, rage, jealousy, is all given good service.

    Special mention to John Hannah as Batiatus. His portrayal is so good I've backed up scenes to watch it again!
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    Y'all description, has this thing right down to end credits!!

    fortunately for me this caught my eyes at "Target" as I went there on Sunday after Christmas to get the "Tudors" series which was on sale for $14.99, That bad boy was also on sale for $14.99 I've never watch it before, "but after seen the players, and remembering "the old Spartacus" it was glued to my hands for $15.00 huh huh huh long story short" I'm sooo looking forward season two??
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    This is one of those series that I don't quite love and don't quite hate. I can't stop watching it no matter how much the over-the-top gore ruins the show for me. Yeah, you could do worse than Spartacus.

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