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Thread: "The Shiek"

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    "The Shiek"

    To get over a serious cases of "the scaryies" I got after watchng "The Babadook" I then watched "The Sheik" a documentary about The Iron Sheik of WWWF fame. Amazing second act for a man who was a very serious wrestler in his early days. About 20 minutes too long but well done with an obvious love of the man, the legend. Good guys come and go but everyone remembers the heels. Time has ravaged the man but not as badly as it has some others. Jimmy "SuperFly" Sanuka looks real bad, as does Nicolai Volkoff and some others.


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    Isn't he Sabu's Uncle?

    Some of the foreheads on many of the old timers are seriously messed up from all the self inflicted razor blade cuts for the good ole bloody matches, even Ric Flair has some nasty scars.

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    i know exactly what you mean, its completly messed up.
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