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    shall we play a game

    lets say you're a hot new writer and you want to redo a movie, make it better. You guys are the producers with the power to make it happen. You pitch the remake with your choice of director, actors, plot twist, whatever it is to make your film better then you guys critique, change, add, or just straight up can it. The best idea / remake from a producer ( you guys) wins and becomes the new writer with his remake pitch. confussing???

    I'll start it of with a remake of "to kill a mockingbird" , with tom hanks in place of mr. peck and dekota fanning with speilberg directing. There is no new plot twist. What do you think?????

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    Quote Originally Posted by AVMASTER

    I'll start it of with a remake of "to kill a mockingbird" , with tom hanks in place of mr. peck and dekota fanning with speilberg directing. There is no new plot twist. What do you think?????
    Personally, I think a remake of "To Kill a Mockingbird" is in order. This is a story that every generation needs to know something about whether it's through the book, the original movie or a new remake. So, IMO, your idea is an excellent one.

    On a side note, the annual production of "To Kill a Mockingbird" was last weekend in Harper Lee's home town - Monroeville, AL. The main setting is the historic Monroe County Courthouse on the town square. This particular production plays for three nights and every show is sold out. The production company made up mostly of locals has performed To Kill a Mockingbird in London and at the Kennedy Center.

    Monroe County neighbors my county to the north. I spend a lot of time in the Monroe County Courthouse. Believe it or not, Atticus Finch is one of those role model characters that most lawyers truly aspire to emulate.

    On another side note of a more juvenile character, when I was a senior in high school, some buddies and I went to a party in Monroeville with some girls at the girls' suggestion. My friends and I didn't know anyone there. When the girls decided to go somewhere in my car, my friends and I went outside to hang out. We noticed a Jaguar parked in the driveway with the keys in it. After a long highspeed joy ride we returned to a big crowd waiting for us outside. We took off down the street and hid in a ditch at an intersection waiting for the girls to return with my car. We flagged them down, jumped in and sped home. It was then that the girls informed us that we had taken Harper Lee's granddaughter's Jag for a spin!

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    Here's a timely remake

    Since we seem to be "turning back the clock" in certain "red states" I'd personally say that

    1. "Inherit The Wind:" is due for a modern remake. I'd have Kevin Spacey as the Bible Thumping preacher, Denzell as the defense lawyer and William H. Macey as the prosecutor, Clint Eastwood would be the judge. Don Cheadle as the teacher...

    I'll post other's as time permits..

    Da Worfster

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