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    Talking Seen "Shrek 2" Twice!!!!

    What a hoot. Not as risque as the first, but still chock full of inside jokes and Hollywood certainly takes a beating in this one. You'll never look at Fairy Godmother's the same way again but all the rest are right on time. Still most of the humor will be over kids heads. I didn't laugh out loud as many times as I did the with the first one but I still had a fun 90 minutes or so. Warning.. don't leave too early in the final credits. There's a teaser you don't want to miss...

    Two toes up.

    Da Worfster

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    Saw it only once, but I liked it. My favorite part was the parody of Cops. That was freaking hilarious. I think it wasn't as good as the first one because the parody of the fairy tale and show business is no longer a novelty.

    By the way, I was almost out the door when the credits ended and I caught that last extra scene and there was this mother with her children, shaking her head, exclaiming, "I am not going to explain that one to my children." Too funny.

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    agreed...that parody was the best....catnip...and my favourite...The pepper grinder as an replacement for pepper spray or something

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    I enjoyed it though thought the first one was much better. Puss in Boots stole the show.

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    It was great, however I think Puss was greatly under develope . . .it has almost no significance in the movie . .

    I would have loved to see one of the guards Puss fights at the end with six fingers and Puss saying:

    "My name is Puss Montoya, you killed my father . ..prepare to die"

    Anyway, like someone said, it was not as good as the first one, but it was really good . . .:-)

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    I agree that Puss In Boots was not as well developed as I thought it'd be. I expected a bigger deal.

    Fiona's father, King Herald, was not a strong vehicle for John Cleese either.

    Otherwise, it's quite enjoyable and well worth seeing.

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