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    Aw shucks not again...

    Damn poll didn't take... again!!!!

    Da pissed off Worfster

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    Question Scarierst Movie of all time?!!!

    All ladies n' gents. Lets hear it, what movie made you scared. What film have you hiding your eyes behind your fingers or your face buried in your dates shoulder. What scared you to the point you pissed your pants (almost) in fear... Enquiring minds wanna know...

    Da Worfster

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    The very first Nightmare on Elm Street scared the livin' sh.t out of me. There was also a movie around the same time called "Life Force" I believe. I had seen Cocoon the weekend before and because the previews were similar I thought the movies would be also. I was shocked as h.ll as that hot ars babe sucked the life out of her first victim. Maybe not the scariest movie of all time, but I was just not expecting that, and almost jumped out of my seat to run for the door.
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    As I voted for in the other poll, THE EXORCIST takes the cake here.

    Thanks for the great poll, Worf!

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