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    RIP Paul Newman 1925-2008

    Really sad news. Paul Newman was not only one of the great actors of our time, but an exceptionally accomplished individual in many different endeavors. A true renaissance man in a town of one-trick typecasts, and a grounded and generous man among the self-absorbed phonies. He was unique and will be dearly missed.

    I can't think of too many actors with Newman's longevity of just plain coolness. He was almost universally acclaimed as an actor, yet was a top box office draw for decades.

    His "Newman's Own" food products lineup is not only a model for that industry (product quality, use of organic and fair trade ingredients, no trans fats), but the profits get donated to charity -- a reported $200 million since 1982.

    He also turned his hobbyist interest in race cars into yet another successful business venture. Newman was himself a successful race car driver, even though he never raced full time. But, he did form the Newman-Haas racing team, which has won the CART/Champ series championship 8 times since 1983 (I believe that only Penske Racing has won more during this period).

    And all the while, Newman was married to Joanne Woodward for 50 years. RIP to one of the greats.
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    Sad day indeed....

    Great actor but an even greater man. Nothing more needs to be said really. He will be missed.

    Da Worfster

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    Well, that has put a damper on my day. Very sad news indeed.

    There is a black light theatre group called The Famous People Players. The group is made up entirely of mentally challenged people. They used to rehearse in a old warehouse (my Mom used to work next door) and perform here in a tiny dumpy little theatre. Paul Newman, through the Newman's Own line of products, donated the money to build a beautiful dinner theatre for this group to perform in. He was a good soul who gave back to people in more ways that any of us probably know.

    A great actor and a great human being. This is a very sad day.

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    Damn shame

    May he rest in peace. One of my all-time favorites. Cool hand Luke and the Color of Money are memorials to his art.

    Rainy news on a rainy day.

    He'll be sorely missed. Rest in peace Paul.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ForeverAutumn

    A great actor and a great human being. This is a very sad day.


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    He was a man of character, compassion, conviction, and charisma. He lived well.

    He was an example to us all.
    I like sulung tang.

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    Rather than being sad, I'm reminded on this day what a great life Paul Newman led.

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    rip to another great.

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    Sad to see him go. I always liked him. Cool Hand Luke was an all time favourite, but I also thought he was terrific in Road To Perdition. One thing that was good about him was that he didn't adopt the big mega-star attitude. Apparently he would always drive himself to the set in his own car, and was totally professional in his work. Sounds like he was a genuinely decent person. RIP Paul Newman.
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    There are a lot of actors/actresses that could learn about acting and style from his films.
    We all could learn how to be better people and spouses from the his life.
    A great loss and one of the last Hollywood icons

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