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    Remaking war movies

    In recent threads we discussed atrocious remakes like Bewitched or Dukes of Hazzard and the prospects of even more atrocious remakes of classics in the near future. And then the other day, I collegue of mine was talking about all the classic war movies he enjoys. And then a light bulb flashed above my head. Given that today's war movies have among the best soundtracks, what older war movies would you say would make a great remake on the basis of awesome sound? I'm now well versed in classic war movies, so I'll just throw out the title, Midway. I can envision a remake that would preserve the head to head drama of the battle fleets while adding awesome sound. So, I'd like to hear your choices.

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    Tora! Tora! Tora! Although I still enjoy it enough the way it is.

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    Cool Interesting idea...

    As a classic war movie buff there are several movies I'd like to see redone with a modern soundtrack. I'll take them by era or conflict.

    1. Musket era - Well other than "The Patriot" and "Master and Commander" there's been little from the Napoleanic or set piece battle era. I'd like to see another remake of "War and Peace" done with the grandeur of the Russian version or the Russian version remastered for DTS, that would be something to see or hear. "Charge of the Light Brigade" would also be a goodie to remake with a DTS soundtrack. "Canon to the left of them etc..." What a work out the sidefills would get that tday.

    2. Pre gunpowder - There's been plenty of stabbing and hacking flicks starting with "Gladiator"... nothing need be done here.

    3. Civil War Indian Wars - Been pretty well covered between "Glory", "Gettysburg" and the dreadful "Gods and Generals".

    4. First World War - Lots of stuff to remake here. "Dawn Patrol" or "Hells Angels" would be great remakes for the screen. Even "The Blue Max" would be a good aerial remake. As for ground action, "Sergeant York", "The Big Parade" or "All's quiet on the Western Front" would all be great films to have redone for big screen.

    5. WW II - Tons of films here to be remade. On the Sea, "Sink the Bismark!" or "They Were Expendable" need to be remade or perhaps "In Harms Way" without the cheesey models. On land, "Battle of the Bulge" would be cool or "Guadacanal Diary". In the air, "Air Force" would be nice or a remake of "The Battle of Britain".

    6. Korea - "Pork Chop Hill", "The Bridges at Toko Ri" would be good bets as well.

    These are some suggestions off the top of my head.

    Da Worfster

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