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    recent viewings

    Tucker and Dale vs. Evil - this little film takes a horror sub genre and flips it on its head. I'm a sucker for "college/high school kids go on spring break/graduation trip and land in the middle of local yocal psycho killers" movies especially when some good comedy is added to the mix. Although all the conventions are included, the tables are brilliantly turned in this one. It just sits right with me.

    Red State - Kevin Smith . . . some love him, some hate him. I happen to like most of his films, but they do get bogged down with attempts at philosophical musings at times as does this one. But, Michael Parks gives an excellent performance as the apocalyptic preacher who has a small flock under his spell. The set-up has three high school dudes on a sexual conquest. The language gets quite raunchy in the beginning but if you can make it past that, it's worth the effort to see Parks's sermon. The inevitable stand-off is dramatic and impactful. Smith does well in this new territory.

    Spork - this is a low-budget piece with a combination of unkowns and a couple of often-seen character actors thrown in. Spork is a hermaphrodite middle school student trying to fit in without parental guidance. There's an 80's style dance contest, a perky friend named "Tootsie Roll" (after the song), a confused little guy being raised by 2 dads and a group of too-white, blonde *****es. No, there's no great acting here and the editing leaves something to be desired, but it's easy to get behind Spork as she discovers her place in the world. It's not up to the standards set by Napoleon Dynamite, The Sasquatch Gang or Youth in Revolt, but it's a decent "B-movie" entry in the quirky/different kid coming of age comedy.

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    Thanks for reviews

    Quote Originally Posted by dean_martin View Post
    Red State - Kevin Smith . . . some love him, some hate him. I happen to like most of his films.
    Put me in the latter catagory

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    Hmmm both those horror movies sound interesting. Into the netflix cue they go. Thanks bud!


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    "Tucker and Dale vs. Evil" One thing to say...hysterical!

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