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    Recent Reviews.... Where've I been?

    Sorry I been away cat's but my puter's on the ffritz. Time to buy a new video card and considering the money I spent on that suckah 2 years ago, I'm ready to commit homocide.

    1. "A History of Violence" - B minus - I read the thread here about this movie and can't understand what you folks were expecting. It wasn't "Pulp Fiction" but it wasn't "Natural Born Killers" either. I found the movie to be entertaining and suspenseful. I didn't think the son's actiong was that bad, actually the bully situation struck home quite well with me and I thought it was well done. William Hurt on the other hand was awful trying to do his best Christopher Walken imitation. I enjoyed the movie but I wasn't expecting "Sin City".

    2. "Elizabethtown" - C minus - Had they just had the balls to make this the dark comedy it could've been. I'd have turned this thing off cept Kirsten Dunst is attractive in a "her face just isn't quite right" sorta way. Everyone else was wasted in this flick. I'd a prefered more of Susan Sarandon and less of Orlando Bloom but hey. The backstory of the Wedding at the Hotel was more engaging than the first 90 minutres. The memorial service/roadtrip portions of this flick were cute but the Hollywood ending of this flick sent me into a diabetic coma from sugar overload....

    3. "Doom" - D - This is what you get when you put "Da Rock" in an all British production where European actors are pretending to be US Marines. Pheh what drivel. One part "Aliens", one part "Starship Troopers" and 3 parts crap. The Rock is inches away from becoming the Jean Cladue Van Damme for the new millenium. Lovers of the video game (myself included) should avoid this one litterally like the plague.

    4. "Hustle and Flow" - B+ - I didn't see this movie in the threatres and hadn't heard the Oscar winning song till the Oscars. I went into this with LOW expectations and was amazingly surprised. Terence Howard deserved the best actor nomination for making us believe and feel for a "low dirt pimp" with bigger dreams. Not much resemblance to the pimps I knew as a kid but certainly real enough for me to cringe during his performance. Great soundtrack. Independent film that Hollywood had no idea what to do with.

    5. "The Bad News Bears - B minus - A "good" updating of a modern day classic. I think Billy Bob was a decent pick but I feel Vince Vaughn of eve Jack Black would've been a more inspired choce in the lead. I was never convinced at Billy Bobs conversion as I was with Matthau's in the orginal. In the original you saw the man's heartbreaking for these kids, in this one you're never really convinced. Not a bad popcorn muncher though.

    This is all I can remember will post others when I think of them.

    Da Worfster

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    I do not know where you have been either, but if you disappear like that again, I am going to take your ax and bust you up real good LOLOLOLOL

    I am glad you agree with my review on Doom. I was VERY disappointed, but even more disappointed that the Rock was in this dreck. I hope he doesn't do another bomb like this.

    Glad to see you back bruh
    Sir Terrence

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