After MONTHS upon MONTHS of a defective Jurassic Park DTS DVD report circulating around ALL the home theater boards, Universal Studios was offering an exchange for a so-called "corrected" version; the problem was, on original pressings of this disc, the LFE bass channel was non-existent, offering no rumble when the T Rex attacks or even during the booming title sequence.

Unfortunately, yours truly happened to get a lingering bad copy of this DVD after buying it here in New York at a Virgin Records; the bass problem was obvious --- there were no pounding tones when the T Rex came onscreen. I sent the DVD back and received the so-called "new" one from LEE Marketing who is handling this for Universal today. They actually sent the DVD back WITHOUT THE DVD BOX -- I received the DVD in a CD jewel case. Furious, I called LEE Marketing and they are sending me the box for the DVD.

Aside from that, I gotta tell you people....this so-called "fixed, bass-rich" version of the Jurassic Park DTS DVD didnt impress me all that much, either....the part when the T Rex comes and his footsteps are booming did rattle my sub, sure, but it wasnt the effect people were talking all over the Internet apartment wasnt ready to shake apart at the foundations, nor were the plates coming off my shelves....sure, there was an improvement of some kind, but the bass was not STARTLING as many people swore it me, EPISODE II: ATTACK OF THE CLONES and THE HAUNTING both offer soundtracks with THRILLING bass you can feel in your body; the bass in The Haunting on the DTS ES disc shakes my entire apartment when the doors of Hill House are slamming shut; it really is wonderful. When the senator's ship explodes in Episode II in the beginning, you can FEEL that explosion, too.....Jurassic Park was OKAY, but this so-called DEMO scene with the T Rex just didnt drop my jaw like I expected.

Anyone else own this DVD and feel the same or perhaps different?