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    The new Aliens are now out individually.

    Just went to bestbuy and they have all 4 of them for $19.99 each.

    I'll wait and hope they show up at the used store for $12.99 each.

    Most everything usually shows up at the used shops for excellent prices.


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    Just bought the first two (didn't buy that boxed set because the third and fourth movies in the series aren't worth owning IMO). The supplements are really good, and very thorough. Of course, both films are fantastic, and you get to choose between the theatrical and extended editions.

    In terms of the quality, I was disappointed by the video quality on Aliens, though I read that Cameron did use grainy film stock so the DVD might be about as good as it will get.

    Also, I did not like the sound mix on Alien at all (at least the DTS version, have yet to sample the DD track). Seemed like the mix was trying to space the vocals out so that they didn't all collapse into the middle, but I thought that the dialog got fairly unintelligible at times because the levels fluctuated severely at times, even when all of the dialog was centered. In general, there were a lot of imbalances between the sound effects, the music, and the dialog. It reminded me a lot of the Pulp Fiction:CE's DTS track, which also had a lot of imbalances and questionable sound placement (the DD track had a much more balanced mix overall).

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