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    Movies you hated, then loved....

    Ok, every now and again I will see a movie that I downright just hate. I mean hate. However, there are some movies that I have hated upon initial viewing only to later re-watch and eventually grow to love the movie. Often times I attribute this either my initial viewing mood or perhaps just the fact that the movie needed to sit with me for a bit before having the ability to really let it sink in. Here are some examples of movies that I detested upon my first viewing and later enjoyed....

    ANGER MANAGEMENT Annoyed the heck out of me and was so painful to watch the first time through, then I decided to just let it be a silly, stupid movie and all was well.

    ABOUT A BOY Didn't really care for this the first time as it was much different than what I thought, then I watched it again without thinking much about it and really enjoyed the chemistry the second time through.

    LITTLE MISS SUNSHINE I didn't really see what all the fuss was about the first time through, and really there isn't much going on here, other than just a quirky family put together in an odd situation and it's charming.

    RAT RACE Painful. Dreadful. Yet, somehow funny the more you see it.

    GALAXY QUEST I avoided this movie like the plague and the first time I saw it I wanted to hate it so much, yet found myself watching it a few times and it started to work on me to the point where I found it tolerable. btw. Rainn Wilson (AKA Dwight Schrute) is in this film.

    RONIN Boy did I find this movie frustrating upon my first viewing, then I had to see it again because I thought I had missed something...I sure did, totally better the more you see it!

    THE JERK I couldn't stand this movie when I first saw it, mostly because I liked him better when he was A JERK, and wanted him to stay that way, then I just let the movie stew a bit and now I enjoy it a bit more.

    THE 13th WARRIOR Booooring. I just couldn't get into this film when I saw it in theaters, but after seeing it again over the years it's much more enjoyable without having expectations.

    Anyone else have a list??????

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    I have come to realize in my almost half century on this planet that the first impression usually ends up being the right one,thus few if any films ever get a second chance with me.Btw Ronin had me in the first five minutes and never let me go,great film.

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    What Dreams May Come...hated it at first...kinda developed an appreciation for both the story and the settings, which were very artistic. I think this flick was underappreciated. Not one I want to watch that often, but it certainly grows on me everytime I see it.

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    Wild at Heart. It took me a few years to appreciate David Lynch.

    As for Rat Race, I love that movie! It's at the top of my list of comedy classics.

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    These movies disappoint at first due to high expectation, but grow on me.

    Godfather III

    Harlem Nights

    Raging Bull


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    hate then love

    My nephew lent me Harry Potter and the sorcerer's stone back in 2003, I watched the first 20 min and said you got to be kidding me, I took it out of the dvd player and that was it untill NOV 2005 when the 4 movie came out [Goblet of Fire] I was desperate for a movie to see and GOF was the only thing playing that my friends at work said was any good, So i gave it a try, Well i injoyed the film so much that i went out and picked up the first three movies on dvd so i could understand the story better, Sorcerer's stone being the first one, This time i watched the whole movie and injoyed it just as much as 2,3,4,5. I have been a big fan of the movies and the books ever since nov 2005. btw cant wait for no. 5 to come out on dvd.

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