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    A Love Song for Bobby Long...

    I picked up Hostage and sometimes my wife just isn't into the action crap/Bruce Willis so I picked up a backup DVD as well, A Love Song for Bobby Long.

    Well, what a surprise. The soundtrack is awesome with a mix of Louisiana blues and jazz, all easy going beats. And John Travolta is sometimes riveting when he gets a really interesting character to play. And Scarlett Johansson is really quite sexy. It's an even-paced drama with great character interaction and several unanswered questions as the plot unfolds.

    This is what I would call a diamond in the rough. Anybody else see it?
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    Talking Another movie that I...

    never, ever heard of. Now I'm curious. I'm NOT the biggest Travolitng van in case you din't know. But when one of the folks round here takes the time and effort to write up a flick and give it the "thumbs up" I usually make an effort to rent it, and view it and I will...


    Da Worfster

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