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  • "Silver Streak" - His first collaboration with Gene Wilder

    0 0%
  • "Stir Crazy" - See above, hilarious

    2 40.00%
  • "Hear No Evil See No Evil" - Formula kinda tired by then.

    0 0%
  • "Blue Collar" - Richard gets serious and does good.

    0 0%
  • "Which Way is Up?" - Multi roled Richard shows Eddied how it's done.

    0 0%
  • "Richard Pryor (Live) '79 - Still the greatest live comedy concert film ever made.

    1 20.00%
  • Richard Pryor (Live Sunset Strip) '82 - Not the first but still better than the rest.

    0 0%
  • "Greased Lightening" - Richard does drama on the racetrack.

    0 0%
  • "Lady Sings The Blues" - Richard plays the piano and plays it straight.

    1 20.00%
  • "Brewsters Millions" - Not a stunner but hey...

    1 20.00%
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    The King is gone Long Live the King!!! Best Richard Pryor Movie

    Richard is gone now, but in addition to his ground breaking comedy albums he left us a wealth of classic film comedy. Which do you feel what his best and why?

    Da "really really sad" Worfster

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    I liked Brewsters Millions. Who else could run on the platform "none of the above?"

    Put that on the ballot and it will get my vote.
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    I voted for Lady Sings the Blues. He played a great part which showed his abilities beyond comedy. Of course it was his standup routines that I loved most.
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    '79 Live in Concert. When you talk about definitive, ground-breaking comedy routines, this is the one.

    I was deeply saddened to hear about Pryor's passing. In fact, on Friday I was watching the 100 Funniest Moments of SNL, and the most memorable was a skit with Pryor and Chevy Chase. Bearing in mind that this was the '70's, IOW pre-politically correct, it was still classic Pryor in that it pushed the envelope. Picture Chase and Pryor facing each other across a desk, with Pryor leaning in:

    CC: Spade!

    RP: Honky!

    CC: Spearchucker!

    RP: Honky Honky!


    CC: N****r!

    RP: DEAD Honky!

    Oh, may not read funny, but I was laughing my a$$ off!

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    If Pryor would have gotten the role of Sheriff in Blazing Saddle which was originally designed for him, then that probably would have been his best movie. But since it didn't happen, will have to go with Stir Crazy.

    Of course his stand up shows are in a class by themselves

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