So I was on the other day and noticed that one of my favorite Shakespearean adaptations was released onto Blu-ray finally..... Kenneth Branagh's HAMLET (1996). This film is a technical marvel and I was suprised that the reviewer at didn't mention the fact that this is one of the last feature films to be shot entirely in Panavision Super 70. The only thing really shot in 70mm anymore are IMAX films or certain special effects sequences like in THE DARK KNIGHT.

Due to the cost of shooting in 65mm, it was amazing that Branagh was able to pull off this, and of course a Shakespeare film. The film was certainly not the commercial success that it had hoped to be, but years later it has held up quite well, although I also like the 1990 Mel Gibson version as well.

I was curious to see if anyone has seen the Blu-ray of Branagh's film yet???

When I saw the film in 1996, it blew me away. It is one of the most memorable experiences I have had watching a film in a theater....mainly because of the lush colors that seemed three dimensional and it was breathtaking how sweeping and gorgeous the film looked, it was a magical experience for sure. I rarely feel that way anymore when I see films in the theater, but I recall this one vividly even after all these years. I hope the Blu-ray can bring back some of that emotion.

I will also be curious about the soundtrack, which is now available in DTS-HD 5.1, but I am mostly curious as to how the mix was taken as the film was designed to have the traveling dialogue known with 70mm presentations in the classic era where 5 or so speakers were behind the screen to give the illusion of movement on screen.

The screen caps from the website show excellent detail from what I can see, but I have heard early rumors about motion blur being a problem from time to time, such a shame.

Thus far 70mm has had a great start on the Blu-ray format, including:

SOUTH PACIFIC (shot in Todd-AO)
BARAKA (also shot in Todd-AO)

I am anxious to see GRAND PRIX on was one of the best HD-DVD's to hit the market.