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    favorite what happens after the last scene of a movie

    I am not talking about when a movie ends and the cowboy just rides off into the sunset but I am wondering of a specific scenario set up and then the movie just ends and we are left to ponder what could have happened.

    My choice is Roger Doger a so-so film about an uncle who takes his 16yr old nephew out on the town and he shows him how to meet girls, they sneak into a bar etc... and the uncle is less than gracious
    anyway the last scene is a pretty cheerleader type at high school goes up to the nephew and says that man over there (his uncle) said you have something to tell me

    so I always wonder in the back of my mind what did the nephew do? did he crumble and lose his nerve to talk to her? did he follow his uncle's lead and lie and say anything to get the girl? or did he just be himself and get the girl after all?

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    thelma and louise (ya never know)

    reservoir dogs (consensus is pink is caught, but...)

    the italian job (original, with a literal cliffhanger ending)

    halloween (original, pretending the sequel never happenned)

    army of darkness (i'm glad there wasn't another sequel to explain what happenned next)

    the thing (carpenter's, though we just needed just half an hour more of movie time to figure it out! which is why the ending was so great!)

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    The thing! utterly epic film!!

    they are remaking it you know! =p

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    Independence day. Did piece break out all over the globe, or did we go back to being... well.... ya-know.
    Firefly - Did the doctor ever get it on with the mechanic? Did River ever get it on with Jane? Did Castle go on to write novels in space?
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