Does anyone know how to search the archives? I would just pull up my review of Infernal Affairs and add it in here, since its the same movie, done much better. It follows the exact same story, twists, turns, betrayals, reveals, revelations, intrigue, as the Hong Kong original, but with Scorcese's own feel and ambiance to the drama.

Oh and Matt Damon's character has all McIntosh equipment in his apaaahtment.

All the performances are great, although Jack kinda does "Jack" a little too much into the movie. Which kinda works, but was just a little too much of him doing the "jaaaaack" thing, kind of like seeing robin williams do another riff. sure it's entertaining, but its robin williams doing it, not the character. and i felt the same here, that jack's little "jaaaack" moments were breaking out of his mob boss character too much. that's being nitpicky though, was still phenomenal.
Leonardo DiCaprio i thought was just incredible and the exchanges/banter between Mark Wahlberg and Alec baldwin were classic!

Fast paced movie that takes its time when it needs to and just flies through the action keeping you really at the edge (unless you've seen the original and know exactly what's coming) I'm sure scorcese will probably get some oscar nods out of this one, unfortunately for him, Clint Eastwood has another movie out this year too....

Highly highly reccomended.