Deliverance is 1972 ilm starring Jon Voight, Burt Reynolds, Ned Beatty, and Ronny Cox. It has been a while since seen this movie, so when new remastered version came on DVD, gave it a spin.

This a guy movie where four city boys take canoe trip down the river in remote northern Georgia wilderness, expecting to have fun and see the glory of nature before the river is flooded by construction of a dam. But fun turn into nightmare as local mountain men play dangerous game of hide and seek with these city folks.

The movie start very strong as men find their way around the woods and try to deal with elements, but after male rape scene it gets bogged down with revenge and men trying avoid law. I

think film critic Roger Ebert said it best about this film;"It's possible to consider civilized men in a confrontation with the wilderness without throwing in rapes, cowboy-and-Indian stunts and pure exploitative sensationalism."

And I agree. If it wasn't for couple of shocking scenes, this movie would have been forgotten long time ago.

Three and half stars out of five.