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    Contagion... almost killed me.

    One thing I can't stand is a movie that makes me go "meh". I peronally prefer a movie that either spectacularly bad (The Spirit) or amazingly good (The Godfather). Contagion was a classic example of a film tht should've been spectacular. First rate cast, big budget, scarily plasuible story but "meh", it just fails to catch fire. The script is alright but multi thread stories require excellents scripts, taught direction and great editing, the film had none of that. Characters are introduced with little or no back story, tortured then klled off. I give it a "C". Save your money, rent it on DVD or Blu.

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    Thanks for the heads-up Worfster and for confirming what I'd suspected. Matt Damon seemed rather unimpressed and noncommittal in the promotional interviews I've seen...
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