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    Clint Eastwood better movie

    I had Eastwood's 1982 movie Honkytonk Manfor couple of years and really never watched it since it came as part of Eastwood's combo pack DVDs. From DVD cover, I thought it probably be another routine Eastwood movie where he is counrtry singer which also star his son Kyle Eastwood.

    Had a chance to watch it couple of nights ago, and this film is pretty good. Nowithstanding Clint as he try to sing, he had alot of interesting charactors in this movie as he make his way cross country to Nashville. And Clint does topnotch job directing this film also.

    Clint's son also does a good job starring along with his dad, and story moves along in good pace as Clint make his way to Nashvile to audition in Grand Ole Opry. What make this film different from other Eastwood films is that he dies at the end. And non of macho stuff.

    3 and 1/2 stars out of five

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