In a dark series of rooms on the second floor of a quiet building at CBS Television City, a years-long labor of love is being undertaken. And the first results of that work are about to be seen by the public.

On May 6, CBS and Paramount will release I Love Lucy: Ultimate Season One, The Andy Griffith Show: Season One and The Honeymooners: ‘Classic 39’ Episodes on Blu-ray Disc for the first time, with every frame of every episode transferred in high-def from the original camera negative.

Full color correction, updated audio, dot-by-dot cleanup of every frame. There are three to six reels per episode of these older shows, and transferring just one takes about six hours each. One 25- to 30-episode season takes about four months to get ready for Blu-ray.

“You can now see the comb-marks in Ricky’s hair,” said Ryan Adams, director of multimedia services for CBS Television Distribution, while showing off before and after clips of “I Love Lucy.” Looking at “The Andy Griffith Show,” Adams pointed to the blown-out whites and crushed blacks of the original film version. Now you can see lines in beards.”

David Grant, VP of multimedia for CBS Television, said that the equipment to clean up these classic series only arrived in the last few years, and the decision to update them was made based on the fan base.

CBS Blu-ray Restoration Efforts a Labor of Love | Home Media Magazine