Look what's coming; this is a no-brainer buy for me as I have been holding out for this promised set for a long time now, refusing the buy the current editions of these DVDs because they are sub par to say the least:


And in a rare turn of events for Warner, EACH of these titles will be available with a DTS track! With remastered digital transfers too, this is easily going to be one of the most anticipated box set releases; I know that the last two films (once let out of Burton's hands) sucked (ESPECIALLY Batman & Robin with Clooney who was AWFUL as Bruce Wayne/Batman and the waste-of-time Schwartzanegger Mr. Freeze character) but as a completist, Im gonna have to shell out whatever they're asking for this damn set when it comes out.....

I'm awaiting the results of these "remasters" as the transfers for both Batman and Batman Returns were pretty bad first time out.