"Calvary" - Whew.... I'm sure it would've meant more to me if I were of Irish Catholic origins but it was still quite powerful albeit quite heavy handed. Brendon Gleeson ("The Guard", "Lake Placid") who I must admit is one of my fave actors, plays Father James a re-tread Irish Catholic Priest. By re-tread I mean he was married, widowed and allowed to enter the Priesthood at a late age. He is a good priest but one who doesn't realize the world has changed and the most obvious change is that the sins of the Church, both in Ireland and "the Missions" is out now for all the world to see and throw in his face. Still he tries to do good, both for his parishioners AND his troubled daughter. But the weight of the Church's sins are heavy and payment is coming due. Gleeson does a great job as does most of the cast. I was surprised to also see "Little Finger" from GoT playing a dissolute Irish Surgeon. At the end, the screen goes black, no music, just credits... No applause, just stunned silence and shuffling feet. I'd recommend it but be prepared for a bumpy ride.