Hmmmm kinda don't know what to make of this. First anything involving crime and HBO is going to suffer in comparison to the 500 pound gorilla in the room that is "The Sopranos". Simple as that, no getting around it. In that they spent $18 large on the first episode (that's 18 MILLION Dollars for the un-initiated among you) I think this series should almost be looked at as individual films.

1. Production Values - First rate they spent the money and it shoes. "Godfather" like scale of authenticity. The cars, uniforms, clothes you name it... right on the money.

2. Script - Pretty good. Not crackling vintage Scorsese but better than the average fare. I enjoyed listening and felt that people were speaking and actiing believably.

3. Acting - Well you either love or hate that "Droopy Dog" that is Steve Buscemi. I think he did pretty well as a small time city treasurer in Atlantic City who was smart enough and savvy enough to see prohibition for what it was and what it was going to be, but who also gets in over his head almost immediately. Buscemi and Micheal Pitt who plays is right hand man are effective and vigorous, but you'd expect nothing else from HBO who finds itself outside looking in for the first time due to the success of AMC's PrimeTime offerings.

4. Overall Score: - I give the show a solid B. Character development was a little rushed and the idea of a young Lucky Luciano and Alphonse Capone being in pre-prohibition Atlantic City is a bit of a stretch. However I believe that over time we'll grow to love these folks as much as did Tony and Company.