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    Biggest Loser WTF?

    I was visiting an aunt last night. And while there she was watching this show. I'd never seen it before, who's responsible for this and how in God's good name do they get away with it? This is the equivilant of watching someone pull wings off of flies, kids torturing cats or some sick perversion of the Roman Circus!!!!

    1. Take 3 grossly overweight individuals.

    2. Have them tell their pathetic stories on WORLDWIDE Television.

    3. Have them disrobe and show their mountains of gelatenous fat to the entire world.

    4. And as if all of the above wasn't enough then immedately have these physical and mental train wrecks "compete" for a chance at further torture and perhaps monetary gain. Watching morbidly obese individuals trying to run a mile or do 500 steps is one sick effin' idea of entertainment.

    Whoever thought of this should be horsewhipped in the public square. I know we're a nation of gluttonous slobs merrily eating our way to the grave, but does this help? I did some research, most of the past winners gain all or most of the weight back. Some of these people clearly need physical AND psychiatric help. I'm no skinny minny, but I hit the gym every other day and put myself up against any other AARP member for bench, dead lift you name it. I know as a nation we're eating ourselves to death and the health related costs of obesity are skyrocketing but this spectacle is despicable.


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    And yet people watch this crap. It's like a train wreck.
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    Quote Originally Posted by GMichael
    And yet people watch this crap. It's like a train wreck.
    People without a life will watch anything that makes their life appear better.

    That includes any reality show, Idol, Talent.....

    I will be watching Nova or similar and getting some form of education while others watch senseless drivel.

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    I totally agree with you Worf. I tried to watch an episode of this show and couldn't get through it. I'm shocked that no one has had a heart attack and died on the show yet. But the people who go on the show do so voluntarily. They apply for it. So I don't feel sorry them showing the world their "mountains of gelatenous fat" as you so elequently put it.

    It's a popular show and it's been on for years. So even though you and I don't see any entertainment value in this, there are millions of people who do.

    Maybe watching these poor sods struggle with their weight makes the viewers feel better. "Sure I could lose 50 pounds and I get winded walking to the bedroom, but at least I'm not as fat as the people on The World's Biggest Loser!".

    Now, show me a bunch of people living on a tropical island, starving, and eating bugs for food, and I'm a happy camper.

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    all reality TV shows suck

    Biggest Loser is a freak show

    yes, they have a show about freak shows as well
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