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  • Batman vs. The Joker - Been going on a long long time. One of the best.

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  • Superman vs. Lex Luthor - Same as with Bats, the epitome of "arch villain".

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  • Spiderman vs. The Green Goblin - Spidey's biggest challenge I think been fighting since the 60's

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  • X-Men vs. Magneto and his brotherhood of evil mutants - Another classic from the 60's

    2 50.00%
  • Daredevil vs. The Kingpin - Don't let the movie fool ya in the comics this was rugged.

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  • Federation vs. The Borg - Gotta love dem Borg wimmens... Sexy

    1 25.00%
  • Popeye vs. Bluto - Been going on since the 30's, gotta love it.

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  • Buggs Bunny vs. Elmer J. Fudd - Another classic of 70 years

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  • Tom vs. Jerry - Again an Academy Award winning grudge boiling since the 40's.

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  • Sherlock Holms vs. Professor Moriarty - Ah.. for the more literary minded of the lot

    1 25.00%
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    Best Villain Hero Combo

    Which of these classic Villain Hero Dustups is the best. Who do you like to see go toe to toe and why. Enquring minds wanna know. Many long term grudges like Roadrunner vs. Coyote and Buggs vs. Daffy were left out as they were too one sided and simplistic. Hammer vs. Nail is NOT a grudge match as the nail never wins. At least Tom and Fudd get some licks in sometimes before going down in flames.

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    Holmes vs. Moriarty!

    I've always been a sucker for the epic battle of wits. Moriarty as Puppet Master of the London underworld is the perfect nemesis for Doyle's almost other-worldly problem solving detective. I don't now how many times, during the course of the series, that Holmes and Moriarty faced off, but each of these meetings became the most memorable parts (IMO) of the story.

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