Here is a forum where we can post our favorite movies that are available in really awesome DVD editions. Note: the movie must fit into both categories, which mean it must be a movie you really love and also meet your standards in A/V terms.

My List (top ten)

HOUSE OF FLYING DAGGERS (region 3) Full-bit DTS (1536Kbps)
-awesome movie and great DVD with incredible sound!!!

RONIN (special ed. UK set)
-awesome DTS and great extras for a highly underrated film!

SE7EN (region 1 platinum ed.)
-one of the best films from the 1990's with good DTS-ES mix and gritty picture to enhance the mood. "what's in the box"

BLADE (region 3 Japan)
-still the only DVD of this film with DTS track. While it might be light on extras the sound makes up for it. Great vampire flick and true to the comic feel as well.

DANCES WITH WOLVES (region 0 starmax ed.)
-cool movie that comes in a leather pouch and also contains DTS soundtrack. Movie is also the longer cut of the film running nearly 4 hours.

-great movie...this is the dir. cut of the film and is in PAL format. Audio is awesome too finally giving life to a great soundtrack.

OKLAHOMA (region 1 sp. ed.)
-One of the best representations of 70mm on DVD. This set includes both the CinemaScope and Todd-AO prints. WHen shot in Todd-AO it was actually done at 30fps, which looks magnificent on todays NTSC standard TV's and looks like realistic movement.

MARK ROMANEK MUSIC VIDEOS (dir. label Palm Pictures)
-while the sound is only 2.0 it sounds really great and this is a terrific collection of some of the most important music videos over the past few years. Picture looks great too!

-Scorsese's masterpiece and is also available in this edition with loads of extras and a better DTS soundtrack than the lame Dolby only U.S. release.

TOY STORY 2 (region 1 Sp. Ed DTS)
-one of the most brilliant digital animations and not to mention funny. Great sound design and awesome picture detail. Lots of cool extras. Go Buzz!