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  • Batman (Clooney and Kilmer damn near killed it)

    6 75.00%
  • Bond (Roger Moore? George Lazenby? Pierce Brosnan? Timothy Dalton?)

    2 25.00%
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    Batman vs. Bond which was the more significant ressurection?

    Both franchises are long and storied, both can trace their cinematic linage back to the 1960s (I know I know there was a Batman in the 30's serials but please) and both franchises were considered deader than disco until recent filmed rebirths. Both franchises had numerous "actors" take stabs at the leading role, 5 for Batman and 7 for Bond, all with varying results and outcomes. But both franchises were considered finiished until their latest incarnations Which do you feel is more significant or difficult, the reinvention of Bond.. .Jame Bond or the Dark Knight of Gotham?

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    I'm getting tired of Bond. His gadgets are cool, but can't be compared to Batman's box of trix. Bond's cars are cool, but again, Batman's cars are a step beyond. Bond is stuck in the real world (sorta) while Batman is not limited to what is physically possible. Fantasy is so much more fun.
    That won't stop me from seeing the next Bond movie when it comes out though.

    Put me down for B-man when you get the poll working.
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    i went with batman. and not just because i can never vote against batman but because it was the more significant ressurection.

    bond after pierce brosnan wasn't really all that dead. it had been hurt by shoddy storys and really bad villains. pierce himself was a good bond and the action was decent and fun. the movies weren't categorically horrible, they were just kinda "bleh"

    but now batman... batman got run into the ground and completely destroyed with Schumachers total joke of a movie. the difference between "Batman and Robin" and "Batman Begins" i think is waaaaaaaaaaaay more vast than "Die Another Day" and "Casino Royale"


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    Cheers to Kam for writing my exact thoughts so I didn't have to take the time to type them.

    Thank you my cinematically prescient brother.

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    I am also with Kam on this one, Batman needed more ressurection than Bond. For Bond movies, if anything else failed there is always the music and Bond girls to keep it afloat
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    I also voted for Batman. For one thing, I don't think the Bond series ever sunk to the level of Batman and Robin. Even after a stinker like A View To A Kill, there was never any question that another Bond movie would soon follow suit. Plus, the Bond series had gone a lot longer with more goodwill built up with the audience. Some Bond movies were better than others, but you never had two or three in a row that were just hideously bad.

    The Batman series got off to a record breaking start with the most hyped movie opening ever up to that point. But, it soon veered off course with the dark and bizarre Batman Returns and the cartoonish Batman Forever. The gawdawful Batman and Robin put the brakes on the entire series because it so thoroughly poisoned the well, and the previous two installments were not exactly audience favorites either.

    If Warner had gone ahead with another Batman movie with Joel Schumacher and George Clooney, it would have been a flop on par with Superman IV. Superman III did okay at the box office, as did Batman & Robin, but it was so widely panned and poorly received that it pretty much destroyed the box office prospects for Superman IV (which turned out to be a pretty bad movie anyway).

    There were many Batman concepts that got into various stages of pre-production in the years after Batman & Robin sunk the franchise. These concepts included a live action version of the Batman Beyond cartoon series, a Superman vs. Batman movie directed by Wolfgang Peterson, and an adaptation of Frank Miller's Batman: Year One graphic novel (which eventually evolved into Christopher Nolan's movie).

    I don't think the Bond series has ever gotten to that point of reinvention. Even the Bond reboot with Daniel Craig still features a British spy, gadgets, women, fast cars, and lots of action. Batman Beyond would have taken the series 30 years into the future with a totally different backstory (teenager as Batman, with a retired Bruce Wayne and Barbara Gordon as Police Commissioner), while Batman vs Superman would have featured a divorced Clark Kent, an old Bruce Wayne, and no Alfred or Gordon.
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    I will vote for Batman because I really do enjoy how they developed its story line. To be perfectly honest I am not too crazy about the new bond, to me it just dosen't feel like bond. I mean think of it this way, Batman will always be Batman because of the suit, but how can Bond be Bond without his? I mean Casino Royale was a great movie but.. it just wasn't bond for me.

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