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    Anyone seen Kill Bill Vol.2 yet?

    I'll probably have to slip off next Saturday afternoon to catch it. I read one review that said Vol. 2 was "too talkative." Tarrantino likes to express various philosophies of life through his characters' dialog. I'm wondering if he over did it this time.

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    Vol. 2

    I saw it last night. I liked it, but not as much as Vol. 1. It was less action oriented, which is just fine by me. That's not say there was a lack of action, but it was all of the one-on-one variety. My recollection of this may be wrong, because after I left the theater, I proceeded to get plastered. I thought there were some great scenes, and I liked the new characters more than those in Vol. 1, but overall it didn't quite "zing" like the first. Of course, I have to factor in that I basically knew what to expect from this one in terms of general plot developments. Whereas with Vol.1, I walked into the theater not really knowing what to expect. Knowledge of the rough layout dampened my enthusiam for certain. Just how much, I don't know. There is a VERY good monologue by David Carradine towards the end that I felt was the single best part of the movie.
    It is more "talky" than the first, but a lot of that was explanation of things that led up to the current situation. Much less of this volume took place in the current time. Personally, I felt that less explanation would have been better, but that's just the way I like things. I like when a writer/director leaves some things blank so we can draw our own conclusions. Like what exactly was in the briefcase in Pulp Fiction? Kill Bill is far more of an explanatory picture than Quentin seems to have done in the past.


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