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    Animusic: check out this DVD!

    Clips from the Animusic DVD have been airing on PBS stations for the last couple of years. This is probably the coolest and most inventive collection of computer animation that I've seen. The whole thing is synchronized to music, and the animation shows various instruments as mechanical devices. It seems like such a simple idea, but it's visually stunning and as wild as the instruments look on the screen, it actually seems plausible because the notes synchronize perfectly with the visual actions. Anyway, I attached some screen images below. The website with some video clips are also linked. Well worth checking out. And the video quality of the disc is excellent, with one of the highest bitrates available on a DVD. The first disc came out last year, and the second volume is due out at the end of October.

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    One of the engineers at ABC turned me on to this. I thought it was the most engenius thing I have seen in quite a while. It's a shame the audio is DD 2.0 and not 5.1, or it would have been so over the top good.
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