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    25th Anniversary Edition Last Starfighter BD

    Pick this up today while I was in walmart buying laundry soap. I am not big on buying old titles on Blu Ray, due to the gamble of the quality of the out come. For $10 this was a pleasant surprise, I never had this film in any other format so I had nothing to compare it to but the theater version that I went some 25 years ago. the opening scene was a bit uneven as if some one was adjusting the contrast(first 1-2 min). After that the movie was flawless, skin tones were natural and the CGI parts were rich with deep color and depth. For those that remember this film know that it is light on the story line and the CGI is very rudimentary compare to todays standards, but it was a nice fill in movie between the next release of the SW trilogy for us Scfi fans.
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    $10 bucks at Wally world? You're infringing on Smokey's turf. Might be problematic. I always enjoyed that film, don't know if I love it enough to "own" it but if it rambles my way I may take a look. Thanks.


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