• 04-16-2013, 04:30 PM
    Teac- CD-RW890 /CD recorder
    My Alesis CD recorder died last year and I have been wanting to get a replacement for it and the TEAC is it. Ordered from Needle Doctor and they were sold out so Teac filled the order and drop shipped it to me.

    Inputs are Toslink and one pair of analog in. Output is one pair of analog out only. The unit has it's own power cord so that's how Teac saves me $$.

    Nifty plastic remote, batteries included, owners manual, 2 pair of red/white barrel I.C.'s, and one meter optical cable included.

    The unit also doubles as a CDP and it worked right out of the box. Got the Synergistic Research I.C's on at the moment, out to the Qinpu Integrated. Been playing the motion picture soundtrack, Dark Streets. First impressions...the CD playback favors bass over all else.....

    I will put the new Darwin cables into play in a couple of hours....
  • 04-16-2013, 07:06 PM
    After playing 3 discs I had to abort the burn in due to putting the G.F. into service. I am not expecting any music miracles from the TEAC and if any should occur I will be sure to let you know. The reason for the TEAC purchase is to burn baby burn. Can't wait to burn some new playlists...
  • 05-04-2013, 06:45 AM
    Okay, well turns out its a better CDP than recorder. Up until today I simply have been enjoying the TEAC as a CDP and I could live with this unit as such for audio emergencies. However, it did not meet my expectations as a CD recorder.

    The unit will not allow you to send a output signal to your amp or pre while it's executing a recording. Also, the sync recording function leaves much to be desired. Some beginning notes are ever so slightly sliced off if the pause between tracks is too long. Lastly, even though the unit showed it was recording the tracks, once I finalized the disc and played it back through the TEAC the unit would not read the disc from tracks 4-12. I could force the TEAC to play tracks 4-12 on the playlist if I stopped the unit then selected the track and push play.

    Bummer! I have contacted N.D. for an RMA. It's gotta go back to the drawing board.